The iBC-BW-AW-812 is a CSA-approved, wall-mounted, 8-inch, pre-rinse faucet with a 12-inch pot filler. It comes equipped with a flexible hose so you can easily fill cookware with water, as well as rinse dishes. It can withstand temperatures of up to 80° Celsius, and is constructed of durable stainless steel.

  • CSA-approved
  • Flexible stainless steel hose
  • Wall-mounted
  • 8-inch, pre-rinse faucet with a jet and shower spray
  • 12-inch pot filler faucet
  • 500kPA recommended pressure
  • 1000kPA max static pressure
  • Center distance of 8" +- 19mm
  • 15 LPM flow rate for pot filler
  • 3.9 LPM flow rate for jet sprayer at 500kPa
  • 3.7 LPM flow rate for shower sprayer at 500kPa